Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking through Halong Bay is a must-do bucket list activity and by far the best way to explore all that the bay has to offer. Sliding through the water in a nifty kayak gives travelers more independence, and allows them to reach places that cannot be reached in cruise ships. Kayaking tours are offered by most Halong Bay cruises. Before embarking on a kayaking adventure there are a few things you should know.

Kayaking In Halong Bay

Follow these safety tips and be well-prepared for a kayaking trip:

-Before kayaking warm your body up with a bit of movement beforehand – the last thing anyone wants is a cramp while in a kayak.
-Listen carefully to the tour guide and remember details of the route, timings and rules.
-Wear a life-vest.
-Be aware of the weather, tides and currents and the wind strength.
-Stay well away from cliffs, caves and rocks.
-Never, ever go kayaking whilst intoxicated. It’s dangerous and not worth the risk.
-Ensure you hold the oar with your arms about the same width as your shoulders, with the concave sides of the oar facing behind you.
Halong Bay water is pretty warm during winter, so it is good to go kayaking anytime of the year. However, keep yourself warm after you are done with the activity to avoid catching a cold. The temperature during winter can get as low as 10°-15°.

What to bring

-One life-vest per person.
-Water bottles for each person.
-Sunscreen in a high factor.
-Insect repellent.
-Swimsuit (in the summer months, March to August)
Good, comfortable shoes.

Best kayaking spots

Luon cave – one of the top spots for kayaking!
Halong Bay has a landscape so magnificent that there are endless amounts of wonderful kayaking spots. No matter where you go you’re likely to be blown away by the natural landscape. That said, the local government has issued strict guidelines on where travelers should kayak in order to protect areas of Halong Bay.


Best time to go

Halong Bay typically adheres to the weather pattern of Northern Vietnam with four distinct seasons and some stormy periods. Therefore, tourists wishing to enjoy kayaking in Halong Bay should be aware of the current weather condition. Indeed, there are two favorable periods of time that tourists can get on a kayaking excursion which are from March to June and from October to December. During those months, the weather is pretty warm and dry without storms or sudden rains. Visitors can freely explore the bay and join other outdoor activities.

Cruise that offer kayaking service

Since kayaking is among the most prominent and indispensable activities in Halong Bay, a vast majority of cruises include it in their cruise itineraries for free. Have a glance at some of the best cruise with free kayaking below – Catherine Cruise

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